It is our aim to provide a timer for every room of debate where there is a first-year debate competitor. We plan to have a timer in every debate outround, regardless of the experience of the competitors.

We are expecting a large amount of debate teams at the Concordia Challenge. And, because we will be holding an on-time tournament that doesn't start ultra-early or end uber-late on any day, we have put together a schedule that does not depend on double-flighting Lincoln/Douglas debaters. In doing this, we have put a much heavier burden on our need for a timer pool.

For these reasons, there may be a need in pre-lim rounds for all Team Policy, Lincoln/Douglas and Parli debaters to self-time their debate rounds. This is done on a regular basis in collegiate debating. Many Stoa debaters already keep track of the duration of their speeches and prep time. You will find it helpful if you start practicing this technique during your club meetings.

To make this work, it will be mandatory for each debate competitor or team to have a working timer (and fresh batteries). We could explain the simple process in writing, but think that it is easier to communicate with a short training video.