Entry Fees

Team Policy Debate: $40 per person
Lincoln Douglas Debate: $40 per person
Parliamentary Debate: $35 per person
Speech Individual Events: $35 for the first speech event and $25 for each additional speech event up to six events maximum.

Because of university policy, we are unable to provide parent judge food or student snacks. So, while other fine Stoa venues are able to offer tantalizing tournament treats...at the Concordia Challenge you'll get a nice piece of Ghirardelli chocolate. Please consider purchasing meal tickets and bringing your own snacks.


Registration is not complete until your fees have been paid. We will only be using Stripe to process on-line payments this year. Stripe charges a small processing fee.

Please Note: If you plan to compete in Team Policy Debate or Duo Interpretation, your partner must also be registered in order to compete as a team. Having one partner sign up does NOT hold a space or count as registration for the other partner.


  • In the event of a drop or cancellation, there will be no refunds after February 11th at midnight.
  • Unpaid registrations as of February 11th will be accessed a $25 processing fee. Registrations unpaid as of February 26th may be dropped.
  • Please note that after midnight February 26th, you will be charged a processing fee of $25 for each dropped event. This Drop Fee* is payable by Stripe prior to the tournament (see tab How to Log Back In). This must be paid in order to compete in your other events.
  • Events dropped March 3th at tournament registration will be subject to a $30 fee PER EVENT, payable by cash only.

Late Registration

Depending on event capacity, late registrations or changes may be allowed after close of registration subject to a $25 processing fee.

*Drop Fees
A Drop Fee is an additional charge you need to pay if you drop (cancel out of) an event after the specified date. This fee applies if you are still competing at the tournament in other events. If you withdraw completely from the tournament, you will lose your entire registration fee, but you will not be charged additional drop fees. If you are withdrawing from the tournament or dropping an event after registration closes, please let the tournament registrar know ASAP.