Local clubs will try to provide host housing for out-of-town participants and guests who need it, but space is limited and housing cannot be guaranteed. Since our requests will likely greatly exceed the housing available, we ask that you request housing only if this is financially necessary in order for you to attend the tournament.

The deadline to request housing is February 3rd, 2020. Requesting early is helpful.

Please remember that students are not allowed to attend without adult supervision. Parent participation is vital for tournaments to run on time. Plan to be available to judge every other round.

Please note that some of the families who sign up to host may be church friends, relatives, or neighbors who have no affiliation to our league. Please make every effort to represent Stoa with superb guest etiquette.

Here is what host families are told:

  • Stoa families and competitors will need a place to sleep (bed, couch, or the floor) and a place to shower.

  • The host family does not provide any meals.

  • The guests will likely leave their host homes as early as 7:00AM and return between 8:00 - 10:00 PM.

  • Arrangements for arrival and departure times should be arranged with your host once the match is made.

To request host housing, send an email to HostHousingCC@gmail.com with answers to the following questions (please copy the questions below to paste into the e-mail):

  1. What are the names, addresses, mobile phone numbers, and email addresses for everyone needing host housing.

  2. Who is the supervising parent? Do you seek placement for mom, dad, or both (and names)?

  3. Do you acknowledge that the supervising parent is to stay with the students in host housing at all times?

  4. What are the ages and gender of all children?

  5. Does anyone have any allergies to pets, foods, fragrances, etc.? Please explain.

  6. Do you have a recreational vehicle or trailer? (please note: RV parking is NOT available at Concordia, even during the day, unless the RV fits in a standard parking place)

  7. Will you honor the judging requirements for Stoa tournaments and Concordia Challenge as described on our website?

  8. We will do our best to place all families with host housing. However, if we are unable to supply you with housing, would that make it impossible for you to participate in Concordia Challenge?

Parent Initiated: Please note that parents (not students) are to submit all host housing requests.

The deadline to request host housing is February 3, 2019. Your request will be added to a list which will be coordinated on a first-requested, first-served basis. If someone is able to provide housing, they will contact you directly. Since we cannot guarantee housing arrangements, we suggest you also look into the 'Hotel Options' listed at the left side bar. Many have a flexible cancellation policy, but be sure to ask.