Judge Registration Step 1 - Contact Information

Information for Community Judges:

Thank you for serving our students.

We don't need all of the information that this form asks for you to provide. We do need your name, your email address, state, zip code, and a cell phone to reach you on the day of the event only. You may choose to put "xxx" in the other blanks. If you would like to log in again to change your information, you will need to assign a password.

All speech and debate competitions will be held on the lovely Concordia University campus, at 1530 Concordia West, in Irvine, Orange County, California.

After you have chosen a time to judge, you will get an email confirming the times you have chosen.

We will have an orientation that starts one hour before your chosen round.

After arriving through the gates of Concordia, please allow yourself about 10 minutes to park in the reserved community judge parking area in the Main Parking lot ~ at the top of the hill by the Grimm buildings. There will be signs directing you to "Concordia Central," where you can check in at a Community Judge table.

Please feel free to ask anyone with a name tag (competitors included) for directions, once you reach the campus.

Information for Parent and Alumni Judges:

As a reminder, in order to serve as a judge, you must 18 years or older and have graduated from high school.

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