Round 1
1) When in conflict, opportunity should be valued over caution.
2) The USFG should allow states to create guest worker programs.
3) Selective moral outrage is ruining civility.

Round 2
1) In the United States, the principle of universal human rights ought to take precedence over national interest.
2) FISA courts need more accountability.
3) All of the frozen Afghan funds should have gone to the Afghan people.

Round 3
1) Civil litigation should have the same requirements as criminal litigation.
2) Experiences ought to be valued above possessions.
3) World War III is imminent.

Round 4
1) In public policy, radical change is superior to incremental change.
2) Congress should pass legislation authorizing Central Bank Digital Currency.
3) Tenure in higher education should be abolished.

On balance, America is better served by a dedicated opposition than a unified government.

On balance, dramatic failure does more good than mild success.